Friday, April 6, 2012

Classic Car Auction

We are getting a taste of South Florida Summer. Hot and Humid! Not a good combination for someone with frizzy hair!

Yesterday, I took my parents to Riverbend Park. My parents love the great outdoors and walking :). I made them walk around to look for Alligators. No luck again!!

We did see a family of Cranes. The biggest one was about 4 feet tall. He was huge!!!

Again, I love this tree!! I want to get married by it!

We stopped at Suzy Q's for breakfast on our way to the Barrett Jackson Car Auction, today. I ordered the French Toast with pecans. I thought the pecans would be integrated into the french toast. Instead, they were just sprinkled on top. I was disappointed in the meal.

After eating we made our way to the Palm Beach Fairground. My dad and Huck started watching it on TV last night, and wanted to go when they found of it was just 30 minutes away. I enjoy looking at old cars, and Barrett Jackson was full of them.

 This car was amazing!!

 My dad said this is his "Smiling" Face.
 Me and Huck want this for our Beach Cruiser.

If you are bored tonight, watch Speed Channel. You will see us on stage. We got lost and wondered on stage trying to find our way to the main exit. My dad said we should of walked up to the car like we were interested in buying it!

New Blog Update

I feel my blog has become a "what I ate out blog" instead of "what I made" blog. I usually try to cook healthier but when I eat out, I do not make the best choices. After my parents leave (which I am already dreading), I will get back to cooking. I have a list of stuff I would like to try to make, and want to work on my picture quality.

Also, I think I have decided on a new blog name! It is on my to do list for next week. Followed by finding a job, applying for more insurance companies, and finishing my article for the paper! Being Semi Retired isn't all it is cracked up to be :)

Make sure you Follow me on Twitter at @MyLifeinFlorida and on Facebook at My Life in Florida for updates on the improved blog.

We are having Dijon Salmon with grilled Asparagus for dinner. I'll post my recipes later tonight or in the morning. It's going to be good!!

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