Thursday, April 5, 2012


My parents came into town Tuesday night! I haven't seen them in 3 months. This is the longest I have been away from them. My dad gave me a few big hugs and said he had a lot of hugs to make up for!

Tuesday before they arrived, me and Huck were in a meeting with his company all day. I am officially an Insurance Adjuster now, so I am tagging along to learn as much as I can, or just get out of the house. Either one!

His boss took us out for lunch and dinner after the meets. We had lunch at Flanigan's in Stuart. I ordered the Blackened Tuna Hoagie which was a bad chose. It was covered in cheese and greasy.

The black beans and rice were good and less greasy, but had a whole onion on top!

For dinner everyone when to Conchy Joe's. It was right on the water.

Our side of the table ordered, steamed clams, fried gator, conch fritters, and oysters. I also enjoyed a few Blue Moons. Me and Huck split a dozen raw oysters for our dinner. I was still full from lunch. A few people ordered King Crab Legs. If you remember from my previous post, I am a Crab LOVER!!! I physically couldn't eat any more food, but a couple of people were nice enough to give me some of theirs. And it was amazing!! I also tried a couple of coconut shrimp that were really good, too. Oh and the corn bread was great. Sweet and warm. Everything I had was good!

 I was so anxious to get home and my parents to get here the whole time we were there. I was having fun but ready to go.

My parents arrived here around 730! We showed them around the house and neighborhood and went to dinner at Jumby Bay. I ordered the Chicken Enchilada Soup.

Yesterday, I took my parents for a tour of Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens. We went to the beach where my mom was attacked by a massive wave. She was pushed forward and did a flip over and pushed across the shells. When she was trying to stand up, I noticed she has shells all in her hair. Me and my Dad laughed so hard. I felt bad after because she scratched her legs really bad and was bleeding, but I'm sure if I had a video camera, it would of been an instant You Tube hit.

For dinner, we when to Tequesta Brewing Company. We even found a beer my dad "Liked", or liked better than all the others. He is a big Bud Light guys. My mom doesn't drink beer at all.

The owner gave us a tour of the brewery, so my parents got to see how the whole brewing process works. Then they got to listen to me and Huck talk about beer and our future plans to open a brewery one day. They were probably bored to death.

After leaving the brewery, we went to Das Dog in downtown Abacoa. I ordered the Frito Dog and a Shiner Bock. Both of which were GREAT! or I was just drunk and hunger.

We walked across the street to the Cigar Shop and they bought a few cigars while I enjoyed my beer and the softest chair ever!!

After leaving, we came home and sat on the porch and smoked cigars. Me and Huck discussed more beer stuff, before I fell asleep in my chair. I was sleeping good when Huck made me get up and go to bed.

I told Huck I want to brew my own batch of beer when my parents leave. I am going to research everything I need on my own! Stay toned! :)

Now I'm taking my parents to look for Gators! Hopefully we will find one!

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