Sunday, April 1, 2012

Seafood Fest

Yesterday was the Jupiter Seafood Festival in Downtown Abacoa. Once we arrived we went straight for the food. 

 Fried Gator. Some of the pieces were great; others were chewy. I still enjoyed them.

Seafood Divine in a Pita. Really good. It had crab, shrimp, peppers, and onions with a spicy mayo. 

We also had a piece of chicken and a some of a funnel cake that some of the other people we were with didn't want. We'll eat anything :) 

After eating, I did not feel well. I started getting really hot and physically felt sick. It was only 80 degrees, yesterday. I think I started to get dehydrated because my head was hurting, as well. 

Me and Huck came back home, and I drank 3 big glasses of ice water and changed clothes. I started to feel a lot better after that. 

We rode our bikes back downtown through a rain shower. 

We sat at JJ Muggs Grill and listened to The Long Run, an Eagles Tribute Band. They did a really good job. 

We ordered some beer and wings while we listened and people watched. 

After eating, Huck wanted to ride the 0 Gravity ride that was at the festival. Terry, one of Huck's coworkers, decided to join us. 

Huck was like a little kid on the ride. He had me in tears. 

After the ride, Huck found his future Dog/Horse.

This has to be the largest Great Dane ever!

Later in the night, me and Huck made our way to Jumby Bay. They had 2 for 1 beers and a rock band. The best part of Jumby Bay was the old lady that was dancing. She looked like she was in here 70's. Me and Huck both talked about how we wanted to party with her. 

Today, i was suppose to clean. My parents are coming on Tuesday (WOW) and I wanted the house to be nice and clean for when they arrive, but instead I spent all afternoon looking a wedding stuff. 

Now time for dinner... TACOS!! :) I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!! I'm going to continue enjoying my semi retirement!     

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