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I am a 26 year old foodie from Flowery Branch, Georgia. I have been obsessed with food since I started watching the Food Network in the 10th grade. My family were not adventitious eaters. I grew up eating a lot of packaged meals. Hamburger and Tuna Helper were staples in my childhood. The Food Network taught me so much about food. I learned what fresh garlic was. Until that point, I thought it was just a powder to sprinkled on toast. Now, I couldn't live without it.

I learned about different cuisines, and how Italian food isn't just spaghetti and Mexican food isn't just tacos. The more I learned about food the more I wanted to eat. I wanted to try everything. I also learned that the best way to get to know a culture is through the food. I had the pleasure of working with many people from many different backgrounds that help expose me to different foods, like having Beef Tongue Tacos on my lunch break at a coworkers house and snacking on Babaganoush in between patients at work.

I love to try new real foods and experiment in the kitchen. I do not think of myself as a great cook, by any means, but cooking makes me happy and really that is all that matters to me.

My love for food also goes with my love for travel. I want to see the world and taste everything along the way.


I meet Huck in March of 2008. We meet at Wild Wings Cafe in Suwanee, GA. Our first date was three days later, and we have been together every since. He is the greatest guy in the world with the biggest heart. He is the one person I can be 100% myself with. He is always pushing me to go for my goals (even though I don't know what they are), and he supports every decision I make.

When I met Huck, I was a watered down beer drinker. He exposed me to the world of craft beer. Before I met him, I didn't know the difference in a ale, lager, or stout, except I didn't like any of them. He has taught me so much about beer. A few years ago, he start brewing his own beer at home. His passion for beer is like my passion for food. He loves to experiment and try new things. I like some craft beers. Mostly the lighter beers. I'm working on it though. I started using beer in my recipes a few years ago. I found that Stouts and Ports add amazing flavor to dishes.

For two people who are so very different, we have managed to incorporate both of our passions together into something that works for both of us.

On January 4th, Huck asked me to be his wife, and we plan to get married sometime this year.

The Yahoos:

When I met Huck, he had a Husky named Guinness/Ginny/Dummy. Like with most Huskies, Guinness is full of energy. A lap dog a heart; he always wants attention, and he is my number one taste tester even though he thinks everything is great. I thought it would be a good idea to have Ginny a playmate and that's when London/Pooper/Oopie joined our little family.

When I first met Oopie, I was going to buy a female Yorkie. At the time, I lived with Huck and his two roommates and his two boy dogs. I was surrounded by men and wanted another girl in the house, but when I seen Oopie, I fell in love. Not really. I did feel bad for him, though. He looked like he had been neglected for a while. His long hair was one big tangle on his back. He had scabs all over his body from scratching because of fleas. But he had personality. He came over and flopped down on my feet. I couldn't leave without him.

I left to buy a Yorkie and came home with a Dorkie.

As much as the two of them bug me, I love them more than anything. They are my yahoos. In the few moments during the day when they are not sleeping, they help keep life interesting.

A Blog is Born:

In July 2011, Huck accepted a job in South Florida, and in November we packed everything up and moved 600+ miles away from our family and friends to Jupiter, Florida. Before we moved, I decided to start a blog to document our new lives. I wanted a way for our families to feel like they were still apart of our daily lives even when we lived so far away. I also wanted a place where I could keep up with my recipes and the different places we go. I did not know when I started blogging that it would become my passion and lead me to different opportunities I didn't know I had, like writing a monthly column for a local newspaper on the community garden and recipes with seasonal produce. I can't wait to see what other great opportunities I have in store for the future.

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