Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Moving up!

It is officially Life Food and Beer is up and running!  (Yes, I left out the commas! No, I did not want to add them! :) I wanted the readers to know from the beginning I am not an English Major!) 

I literally spent ALL DAY!!! working on this. I did take a few long breaks to look for job, but most of my day was spent working on my blog! And it is kind of ready:) 

One day I can pay someone to setup an awesome blog for me, but for now, this will work just fine! This will be my last post with blogger. I can't say I am going to miss it. Blogger is slow, 99.9% of people can not comment on post, and 3/4 of my followers did not appear on my main page. It will not be missed. 

I decided today after spending ALL DAY trying to transfer my whole blog to my new website, it wasn't worth the money I would have to pay to find someone to do it for me. The plan was if someone typed in sloaneinflorida.blogspot.com it would transfer you to the new blog. I have spent weeks researching exactly what to do, and today, I decided it was not worth the trouble and risk of losing my old post. All my old post will still be available on My Life in Florida, and you will be able to get to them from the new site, as well.

So, make sure you save the new site to your Google Reader or Bookmarked files. Because after 5 months of blog My Life in Florida is not more.

I also just learned that today was the perfect day to launch the new blog, because I am out of photo space on this one:) It was time!! 

Now check out Life Food and Beer

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