Thursday, March 29, 2012

Semi Retired

Today, I defined my situation as my Semi Retired phase. So what does a 26 year old Semi Retiree do.

This is a good start!!

Today, we ventured out to Stuart for lunch with one of Huck's coworkers and his wife. After reading a few reviews, I decided on Shrimpers. The website said it was water side. I'm not sure you could get closer than this without actually being in the water.

I ordered the Dolphin Jerked sandwich with Onion Rings.

This were the largest onion rings ever! The fish was really dry and the bun was twice the size of the fish. I just ate some of the bottom bun.

Huck ordered the Crunchy Grouper Ruben Sandwich with Fries. The sandwich came with slaw and thousand island dressing. His sandwich was really good. The fish was cooked well and the slaw and dressing were nice additions.

We have not found that many places down here that are waterfront, so today was a treating. Restaurants on the water are always better!!

With all the nice boats in the marina, me and Huck were talking about buying one. I think this is about all we can afford right now. 

Dinner was great. Steak... AGAIN :) 

Switched it up with a sweet potato tonight! 

Huck also, gave me a complex today:) Another one to add to the list! I have flat feet and he pointed out how my legs are bent in. This is how I normally stand. I have never really noticed how bad it is until Huck took a picture. I'm worried about Back and Knee problems now!! Just something else to worry about ;) 

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