Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Today, we sat around waiting for Ashley Furniture to come repair the broken dresser they delivered on Saturday. They said they would be here between 10-1PM. I keep telling Huck they wouldn't call us until 12:55. At 12:54 my phone rang. He was 25 minutes away. After spending an hour going back and forth with them, they agreed to pick up the dresser and the coffee table Saturday and drop off new, hopefully undamaged, furniture.

We went the Publix GreenWise at The Gardens this afternoon. It is setup like a Whole Foods but not as expensive. We bought stuff to make Horseradish and Cheddar Burgers and Stuffed French Toast and Hashbrowns. Do not go to the grocery store hunger!! We also picked up the movie Bad Teacher. I was not impressed, and thought about turning it off a few times. It did have a couple of funny parts. Not many though.

Tonight Huck cooked Dinner. He made his Famous Tacos. :)

We do not add Taco Seasoning to them. Just Ground Turkey and Diced onions and Peppers. We had a little leftover rice, so I made "Spanish Rice". Rice with a Tablespoon Salsa mixed in.

Back to our normal Dinner Time :) 

Task for Tomorrow... Find a Great Clips 

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