Saturday, November 19, 2011

Projects to keep me busy while Huck was away

Huck's best friend EG and his wife Laura are having a baby boy, and for their baby shower gift, I decided to make them a Car Seat Tent. I found the idea on Pinterest. I am addicted by the way. They are huge Georgia Bulldog fans and their car seat is Red and Black, so when I seen the UGA fabric at the store, I knew what I wanted to do.

I just sewed two pieces of fabric together (each one yard), like I was making a baby blanket. I used more of the Georgia Fabric and sewed them into long rectangular strips. I secured the strips on the red fabric side. This will be used to tie the blanket to the car seat, so it does not fall off.

car seat tent
Where I got the idea. If only the one I made looked this nice.

Another Pinterest Inspired Project 

Hobby Lobby was out of the O and R and I did not get a pic of completed wreath. 

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