Saturday, November 19, 2011

Moving Day

MOVING SUCKS!! That is all I have to say about that!! Who ever said unpacking was the fun part is crazy! And no matter how much it cost to pay someone to move for you, IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY!! 

Luckily Huck's friend Jud was nice enough to help us. We owe him big time. 

Last Picture in our old House

Our New House. Boxes Everywhere!!

The amazing guys that carried all the boxes up two and even three flights of stairs.

Our bedroom

Huck's office for now 
We decided after all the moving and the 10 hour drive we would go to downtown Abacoa for dinner. What is better then Sushi after a long day?? Sushi and Karaoke. 3 for 1 beers made up for it though. Did I mention Hokkaido Hibachi is less then a mile from our house?? :)  

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