Monday, November 28, 2011

Worst Day Ever

This morning started with a smack to the face. Huck hit me in the forehead this morning while he was sleeping.
To make up for waking me up, he cooked me breakfast while I was getting ready for work.

Rainbow on my way to work 

I arrived to work at 7:45. I was nervous because it has been years since I worked in an office setting and my last boss was an argent ASS! After an hour or so, I started to feel more comfortable. The doctor and staff seemed nice.

And then it all changed! The Clinical Manager called me into her office. She told the Practice Manager I was a Radiology Tech. I have a Basic X-Ray Safety Certificate BIG DIFFERENCE. It clearly states this on my resume and we had a detailed discussion about it during my interview. Because of this, they told me they would not be able to pay me the original salary we discussed, I would only be part-time, and they would have me work in the Jensen Beach office (an hour from my house)! I told her the pay was an insult to me. I have been working in Healthcare for 7 years. My first job paid more then they offered me. I collected my things and left. 

I sat down in my car and started crying! And cried the whole way home. I wanted this job. I love my 3 12's a week. I'm not a 9-5 kind of person. After moping around for a while, I thought some Chocolate Chip Cookies would make me feel better. 

They didn't. 

After a two hour nap, I made spaghetti for dinner. 

I used my favorite jarred pasta sauce, Ragu Super Vegetable Primavera, 1 lb ground sirloin, and 3/4 lb pasta. I had some buns leftover that I toasted with butter and garlic powder. And a salad on the side completed my dinner.    

This is my favorite store bought dressing 
Cooking dinner did not help either!!

So, I am officially unemployed! It is a very scary feeling! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!! I hope it doesn't get any worse!!

Has anyone else quit a job on their first day?? 

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