Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sunny Florida

Atlanta, GA High 53 Low 45. Jupiter, FL High 85 Low 72. 

I feel like I should be wearing jeans and sweaters with Thanksgiving less then a week away, but I am enjoying flip flops and tank tops. 

Today we went to Petco to find the dogs new Crates. I seen a picture on Pinterest of dog crates that looked like end tables. What a great idea! Since our new house is smaller, we did not want the ugly kennels out for people to see. We bought one today to see if it was to small for Ginny. For some reason, he likes London's small kennel. This one was a little to small but he still keeps laying in it. He is weird! 

Such a great idea!! 

Our furniture was delivered today too. The dresser has a huge crack on one of the legs, so it has to be returned. I was really looking forward to unpacking all of our clothes. But everything else looks great. Our impulsive buy (the coffee table) is amazing!! I have my computer on it now, and since we do not have a table yet, we can eat dinner on it too.

The color matches the new dog kennels too

Extra Storage

Part of Huck's Office

All the boxes we have left to unpack. Waiting on the bookshelf .


Steak without a grill... We will see how it goes. Huck always does an amazing job marinating them. He uses Ground Red Pepper Powder, Minced Garlic and Onion, Salt, and Pepper. Best Steaks EVER!!

Ready for the Broiler

My steak :)

This is cooked perfectly!! 
Enjoying the new table. 


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