Wednesday, March 21, 2012

DATE NIGHT! Winder edition!

Breakfast started off great. 

These granola bars are great! 

For lunch, I had to get out of the office and off the property. I think I was really tempted to just come home, but figured I would de-stress at Whole Foods. Yes, walking around the grocery store is  relaxing to me. 

I did not take a picture of my Tuna, Salmon, and Avocado Sushi Roll, but it was really good.

Before I left work, I texted Huck telling him I wanted to get some beer and go to the beach. When I got home we grabbed our chairs and headed to the store. I had the great idea of getting a couple of 40's instead of a 6 pack. We couldn't find 40's, but we did find some good white trash beer instead. 

Yes, it was that kind of day! 

We figured if we were going to look trashy, we were going all out. Natty Daddy!! 8% Alcohol! WOW!

Natty Ice!! Oh yea!

I learned tonight that no matter how bad the day is, Huck and the beach can always make it better! 

My LOVE!! 

We snacked on some chips while we enjoyed the waves. 

You can't drink a beer like this out of anything but a paper bag! 

And yes it was that rough of a day!! 
Date night was great. Great company. Beautiful view. Great conversations. For $5 it was the perfect night. 


For dinner we had veggies from the Abacoa Community Garden.

I sauteed the Bok Choy, boiled the beans, and roasted the chicken. Nothing special but really good. 


Well that concludes another WIAW. 

What is your favorite thing to do for date night? 

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