Monday, March 12, 2012

A post about nothing

Nothing to special for dinner tonight. Just leftovers! No wasted food here!! 

I worked on my test (one more chapter to go!!), and Huck brewed some beer. Our whole house smells like a brewery! 

Tomorrow, we plan to start our morning gym routine. This morning, with the time change, was just to hard. I'm sure I will say the same thing tomorrow too. If I haven't told you guys this before, I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON! Huck is. He is up singing and dancing by 730 every morning. I guess this will be a good thing when we have kids. 

Until then, these are our children! I think they look more like Huck! What do you guys think? 

"Love me! Please!!"
Here are some old pictures I found on Facebook

Ginny wanted to help me study! 
Christmas Day a few years ago. He fell asleep with his head on the bricks of the fireplace! Weird dog. 
If you sit in the floor, Ginny will come up and try to sit in your lap. He really thinks he is a lap dog.  
This is from a trip to the park at our Georgia house. London was so tired he laid down in the water. He also laid down in the middle of the walking trail, and everyone started laughing at us. I told him "Get up! You are embarrassing us!!" He looked at me and closed his eyes.
Super Cute!! 

I'm done boring you guys with pictures of my dogs/babies! This is what Huck will look like when we have really kids...

Bet you can't guess who Huck was for Halloween!?! :) 

I hope you enjoyed my random post! Good night!! 

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