Monday, March 26, 2012

Sorry Bacon... I have a new love!

I love crab legs. Some people say they are to much work. I say they are lazy! To me, the reward is well worth the work.

We ate dinner early tonight as you can tell!

This is my super excited I'm about to have crab legs face!! 

All mine!! 
Huck sporting his new hat. Hucklebuck Brewing Company! 

Eating my corn, Making sure no one takes my crab legs.

For crab leg lovers, this is the best part.  
Why I stayed in my scrubs. I was covered in crab!! 

This is what I see the whole time I am cooking! Look at those sad eyes! 

How can you say no? 
First Date

4 years ago today, we had our first date. We met at a Mexican restaurant on Buford Hwy, in Buford. I'm not sure of the name. It is closed now.

We learned that we had something in common (Probably the only thing we had in common). We were unemployed. I think we both looked at the check like "I hope you're getting this!" :) After we finished dinner, we said our goodbyes, and left.

I'm sure you guys are tired of reading about how me and Huck met by now. I have enjoyed sharing our story.

Blog Name

I'm still trying to come up with a new name for the blog!! I still like Eating Through Life, but Huck said that sounds like a fat person's blog. I told him if I keep eating like I do it will be!!


  1. favorite blog so far sis love all the pictures :) makes me feel like i was there getting crab on me lol love you!

  2. Don't sit by me! You will be covered in it. Like the crab boil at Mommy and Daddy's when me and your friend ran everyone off from the table because we were making such a mess. I had crab in my hair that night :) MISS YOU!!! You need a blog so I can feel like I am still apart of your day to day life too!!!


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