Thursday, March 1, 2012

WIAW and Chopped Challenge

Welcome to WIAW on Thursday!

Breakfast was a Chobani Lemon Greek Yogurt with my Peanut Butter Granola Bar. They are my favorite new breakfast item! 

I added some Crushed Rice Snacks to my yogurt for crunch. 
I realized, I do not like the fat free yogurt. Only 2% for!! 

Lunch was provided by a Drug Rep. I had salad, broccoli, red smashed potatoes, chicken, meatloaf, and a lemon square. I could have ate a whole pan of the lemon squares!

Wednesday night, started with a run on the beach. Running isn't as bad when you have bare feet, splashing through the water. 

Huck didn't run. He was just hanging out taking pictures :) 

Enjoying Leap Day with our toes in the water!
Awesome Hair!! 
Chopped Challenge 

A couple of days ago, while at Whole Foods, me and Huck split up and picked out a few ingredients for our Challenge. I had to find a veggie and protein, and Huck was in charge of a veggie and a free item that could be anything he wanted. 

I picked out Mung Bean and jicama. Huck got rainbow Swiss Chard and Maple syrup. Really? Maple Syrup! 

I soaked and cooked the beans before dinner since they took longer.  
Huck's Chard and Jicama
My veggies
I was responsible for the first course. I made a Fish "Stew" 
Huck made the main course. He brushed his fish with the maple syrup and sprinkled with ground red pepper and dried garlic. 
I made a garnish for my soup with yellow tomatoes, raw jicama, bell pepper, jalapeno, and maple syrup. 
Huck's fish tasted surprisingly good. He had a really good idea with the mix of spicy and sweet. He boiled the greens and jicama in chicken stock and just served the beans on the side. 
I cooked my ingredients with a can of diced tomatoes, beans, chicken stock, onions, and garlic.

And the winner is.....


I have declared Huck the winner of this challenge. I did not like the soup. It just wasn't good. I enjoyed the beans and the chard on their own and his fish really did taste pretty good. Dinner was pretty much a disaster, though! 

Next time, I will not hold back! :) 

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