Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fishing with Action!

Yesterday, Huck's boss invited us on a fish trip. We met everyone at 8AM on the Lady Stuart. There were about 10 of Huck's coworkers. I was the only girl on the trip. Of course! All the other woman went shopping probably. They were smarter!

The calm bay and our future house! 

As we boarded the boat, I heard a few of the guys discussing how rough the water was going to be. I have been fishing a few times before, along with a few other ocean boat trips, where the water has been extremely rough and never had any problem with sea sickness.

Everything was going great until, I walked into the cabin. While I was sitting down, I started to feel sick. I quickly walked back outside where I seen one of the other guys getting sick. This did not help! I tried fishing for a while but with the rough water, I was having a really hard time holding my pole, the hand rail, and reeling in my pole.

I was excited, after a few minutes of fishing, when I had a bite even though I was having such a hard time. I started reeling my line in. One of the deck hands came over and as soon as my fish was out of the water he pulled it off the hook and another guy took a picture. They told me it would be posted on Facebook later. I asked him if he thought I was to scared to hold the fish and he said "Yes". I wasn't by the way!

I was so excited. I got a fish! :)

This was about the end of my fun on the Lady Stuart. Shortly after this picture, I started feeling BAD. There is nothing worse then getting sick off the side of a boat in front of your fiances coworkers. Luckily, a few of them were feeling the same as me. I tried fishing a couple more times, but ended up getting sick and figured I would call it a day.

All the people sitting down had the same problem as me! 
I remember thinking about just swimming to shore. It wasn't that far. I also told one of the guys I would give him $200 to take me back to shore. He laughed and said he wished he could. The rest of the trip they keep walking by telling me it was almost over, or I hope you are OK. 

Huck walked inside and a few of his coworkers told him if he ever wanted a day without me to just tell me he is going fishing, and on the way home he would have to let me adjust to being off the boat so he should swerve on our ride home. They can laugh all they want... I caught more fish than Huck and most of the other guys! HA!!!  

When we made it back to the the bay area, I almost insistently felt better. As I walked off the boat, I felt like a normal person again. I thanked Tom for a "awesome" day and we headed home. Huck dropped me off at the house to shower, and we went to Publix to grab some food for lunch. As I walked up all the stairs in our house, I realized I didn't feel 100%. I slowly ate my lunch and we laid around the house the rest of the day. I went to bed still feeling sick. I feel like I had a really bad hangover but without the good story to go with it!

I spent most of my night looking for wedding venues in Georgia. I found a few I plan to call tomorrow.

The Barn at Price Mountain Farm is by far my favorite so far!! 
Tonight, I cooked my little fish for dinner. I was going to add my recipe to this post, but decided it probably wasn't a good idea to add my yummy recipe to a post about getting sick. I will post my recipe in the morning. It is one of my all time favorite things I make, and I think Huck agrees.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Back to work tomorrow! 

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  1. That place with really pretty Sloane!


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