Thursday, March 22, 2012

The story of how we met!

We really are not sure when we met. It was either late Saturday night March 22nd or early March 23rd. Every year we celebrate a different day.

 Here is our story.

Once upon a time... Two drunk people met at a bar :)

4 years ago, I was getting ready to go out to celebrate being unemployed. The day before I quit my job of 3 years and was so happy. Kind of. I hated my job, but I was saving for my trip to Italy. I was upset about not having the extra money, but happy I didn't have the stress. Earlier in the day, me and my mom went shopping, (I wasn't to worried about money I guess) where I found the coolest shoes ever and had to have them.

How can you be sad with Hot Pink High Heels on?? 

Me friend, Chelsey, picked me up and we met some friends at Wild Wing Cafe in Suwanee. I felt good in my pink heels and was ready to break them in on the dance floor. We enjoying the band, when a guy walked up to me trying to dance. I pushed him away and told him to dance with my friend.

He walks over and started dancing. Drunk would be an understatement for him. As he started dancing with Chelsey, he spills his beer all over her arm and shirt. As we all stopped in disbelief, he grabs her arm, and says "I'll clean it up!" And attempts to lick the beer off. She quickly pulled her arm way letting out a scream. 

This picture was post spilled beer. She wasn't happy with me. I have no idea what he was doing in this pic.

I was laughing so hard as Chelsey was having her arm cleaned by this random/drunk guy. I looked to my left, and asked the guy standing beside me, laughing, if this was his friend. Through the tears he said yes. Me and Chelsey went to the bathroom to wash off the beer and went back out to the dance floor. As we were dancing, the guy that was laughing came back up and stood behind me (creeper:)!) As we listened to 7 Sharp 9, he started dancing with me. 

Huck is the guy standing behind me in the blue and white shirt. 

We danced for a few songs then I introduced myself. Which was pointless. He didn't know my name until our first date :) 

We talked for a little while (drunk rambling) and he gave me his number. His phone was died.  

The rest of the story will be continued tomorrow...  

Today, when I got home I had a nice surprise. 

He even cooked me dinner. 

Cowboy Mac. AKA Spaghetti with bell peppers. He even took all the pictures for the blog. 

Really I have the best fiance. Hopefully next year we can celebrate our wedding date. Maybe it will not be so complicated. 

Come back tomorrow for the rest of our story and recap from our Anniversary dinner. 

Does anyone still celebrate their dating anniversary and wedding anniversary? 

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  1. We celebrate more on that date than our wedding anniversary!
    Cool story that Keith and Kari celebrate the same first date day that we do, their's is just one year later. <3

    September 6, 1995
    (wedding anniversay March 28, 1998) :-)

    P.S. Love the pink shoes!


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