Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Jaw Hurts!!

After another day a work, me and a couple of the girls decided to go for $0.99 Margaritas. I came home and changed and me and Huck rode our bikes to the restaurant. We ordered the fajitas and a bowl of chicken noodle soup... and 6 margaritas... total! We are not alcoholics. 

The soup was bland but not too bad. 
Tonight was so much fun! My jaw still hurts from laughing so much. Huck really enjoyed tonight too! There was lots of laughing, venting, and embarrassing drunk stories! It was a nice way to spend the evening. 

Also, I am so happy I passed my Insurance Adjuster Test today! Wowhoo! I finished the last chapter tonight. I was determined to finish it even after the 3 margaritas!! Huck told me to say it took me 2 times to pass too :) I only passed because I have been learning/listening to him talk about claim stuff.

I'm all ready for hurricane season! 

Time for bed!!   


  1. Hehe sorry about your jaw! I hope it feels better :) I'm glad you had a fun time though!

  2. LOL! My jaw was hurting from laughing so much. Sorry I forgot to say that :) But thank you though!

  3. Adjusting is a great job to have when a hurricane hits!

    I need one of those margaritas right about now.

  4. Yes it is a great job then. I figured I would get all my license in order just in case.


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