Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sick day

Yesterday, was a bad day! I left work before noon and came home to curl up in a ball on the couch. I did not feel well at all! Standing made me feel worse, so Huck decided to cook me dinner. I asked him if he wanted to guess host my blog last night, but with it being the end of the month, he said he needed to work.

I spent last night looking at wedding venues in Georgia. I really do not know what I want to do (if you haven't figured that out yet)

Yesterday, I wanted a real wedding, today, I'm like screw it. It is too complicated. I found some really great locations. I want a venue with lots of character and lots of character means lots of money.  I found a few farm houses and barns I really like. I emailed a few to find out more about price and catering requirements. I want to be able to pick my own caterer. It is a turn off to have to use a specific company.

Huck is all for Eloping! Who knows! We are hoping to get our wedding bands when we go home in the next few months, so maybe we will just run off for the weekend. You never know!

So back to last nights dinner.

Huck made his famous Cowboy Mac.

Cowboy Mac is spaghetti with green peppers and onions in it. I love that when I am not feeling good, he makes me dinner, and cleans up the kitchen.


 "Look at me! I'm putting food in the oven. WOW"

 I didn't have the heart to tell him you have to close the oven for food to cook faster. He was so excited to watch it brown :) 

 See the onions? 

He will make an awesome Husband! 

Dinner was great! I did a few more chapters of my insurance license class before calling it a night. 

Tomorrow is WIAW and me and Huck are competing in our own Chopped Challenge... Against each other. It should be fun!! 


  1. I cant wait to see the chopped pics! You better take some.

  2. That food looks amazing! How did he do that


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