Friday, January 27, 2012

Beach, beer, and fish tacos!

After some last minute cleaning, we left for the airport to pick up Nathan and his lady friend. I love the fact that West Palm Beach Airport is only 20 minutes away.

After picking them up, we enjoyed lunch at Dune Dogs. I ordered the regular cheese burger again. Then we came home changed and went out to the beach. It was 84 today (LOVE SOUTH FLORIDA!!!) We enjoyed a few beers before heading back to the house to hang out by the pool.

After my post from yesterday, me and Huck decided to make them. I used grilled fish instead of baked.

I like my new grill pan! 
This picture was taken with my nice camera too. Such a waste!!

I cooked seasoned the fish with salt, pepper, and ground red pepper. I cooked it in the grill pan for a few minutes until cooked through. 

I served my fish tacos with mango, purple cabbage, tomatoes, avocado, and cheese. 

I also made Black Bean Soup from Skinny Taste. I just used canned black beans instead of dried. 


We have a big day planned tomorrow. In the morning we are going to the Burt Reynolds Museum and then Jupiter Brewers Festival. I don't know which one I am more excited about. :) 

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