Thursday, January 5, 2012

Engagement Dinner

To read about how he proposed Click here. 

After leaving the beach and making multiply phone calls, we went to Corner Cafe and Brewery for dinner.  I was surprised with how nice the restaurant was. After breaking away from phone calls and texting, I finally picked the Crab Stuffed Tenderloin and Avocado Hollandaise Sauce for dinner. Huck order the Low Country Boil. 

This wasn't a traditional Low Country Boil. I'm not really sure why they even called it that. It was served with spicy sausage, clams, shrimp, jalapeno collard greens, potato cake, and an amazing cheese sauce.  

Huck took these pictures.   

My dinner. Not to shabby for a Brewery. This is the style of food we want at our place... Just everything with beer. This came with a potato cake that was really good. I used the cheese sauce from Huck's plate to dip my potato in. And my medium rare steak was cooked perfectly. Our steaks are better though. 

I didn't want to post this picture but I was excited and Huck liked it because it looked like I was about to stab him with my fork. I have him now.  

Really? This is my beer?? Is this a joke? (Our bartender brought Huck a sample) 

The happy couple. 

After dinner, we walked next door to Tequesta Brewery and bar. It is part of the restaurant, and as soon as you walk in, you know you are in a brewery. In the front there is a bar with tables and couches. As you walk to the back they have the brewing equipment set up. It was like the bar was in the brewery. The brewing equipment had blue lights above them which looked really neat from the bar area. Me and Huck definitely know how we want our future bar to look now. 

Now to go spend time with my fiance. :) That sounds so weird! 

Oh and here is a close up of my ring...

So pretty!  

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