Monday, January 30, 2012

Gators, Waiters, and Cheese Oh My!! Part 2

We headed back to the house and got ready for dinner at Downtown Gardens. I wanted to go to The Yard House for dinner, but after someone said they wanted Mexican, we went to Cabo Flats. The nightmare of a dinner started when our waitress dropped our waters all over Huck and some on me. As he was getting up to move from all the water, she dropped her tray on his foot. He was wearing flip flops, by the way. 

We moved to a different table and ordered dinner. Me and Huck split The Mexico City and he ordered a bowl of Enchilada soup. It was a sample of Enchilada Queso, Steak Burrito, Chicken Tamale, and Carnitas. The steak burrito and tamale were so so, the enchilada queso was OK, but the carnitas was awesome.

Nathan's lady friend ordered the enchiladas and asked for chicken and cheese. The enchiladas they brought out where just chicken. When she asked for some cheese to sprinkle on top, they brought out a bowl of half melted cheese. It reminded me of the cheese I use to make when I was a kid and would microwave shredded yellow processed cheese stuff to make what I thought was cheese dip. There was always that gross layer of grease on the top.  

When see asked for shredded cheese or something she could pour, she was told it would cost extra. She asked to speak to the manager. The front of house manager was walking around talking to all the tables in the restaurant, but ours. He wouldn't even look at our table. If it was my restaurant, I would have followed up with a table after my waitress split water on everyone. After waiting 10 minutes or more, another man came over to our table to see what was wrong. After complaining about our whole experience, he agreed to bring her out another plate. The next order that came out looked nothing like the first one. This one had cheese and sauce on top and cheese and chicken inside. After seeing the first plate, it seemed the kitchen got lazy and just throw something together the first time. It made me wonder what our meal was suppose to look like. 

We were surprised/happy they only charged us for half of our meal, but with the lack of customer service and kitchen problems, I am sure we will not be going back again.    

After dinner, we walked across to the Yard House, where I originally wanted to go. We sat at the bar and Huck ordered a beer. They have 130 beers on tap in the center of a wrap around bar, and the waiters were so nice and took our order right away. Should of had dinner there!

Me and Huck talked about marketing ideas for our future brewery, and the teenagers that stayed with us this weekend were in their own little make-out world. I told Huck I wasn't going to talk about them in my blog... I lied!

Bored playing with the camera. Sorry for the horrible picture quality. 
We came home and watched My Name is Earl on my computer in our room, while the teenagers made-out on our couch... I lied again!

After an eventful weekend, I am ready to get back to normal and have our house back from the 32 year old teenagers. 

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