Sunday, January 15, 2012


Today, Huck worked most of the day and I spent way too much time blogging. You can get lost looking at blogs and next thing you know 4 hours have gone by. But I figure if I'm going to watch TV, I can work on making my blog better at the same time. I really enjoy healthy living blogs. I realized today most of the bloggers that enjoy running, were not always like that. Most of them woke up one morning, were not happy with themselves, and started running. Now they run marathons. They make me want to get outside and run... But to do that I would have to stop reading their blogs.

Around 5 today, we did manage to walk over to the gym. The last 3 days, Huck has us doing a circuit training. In between reps, we rode on the stationary bikes for one minute. He goes up 3 or more levels each time, and I go up 1. I'm a lot weaker. For our weight training, we worked our chest and triceps (I think).

King of Queens was on the TV in the gym, which made my time on the bike more tolerable! When me and Huck first started dating, I use to ride with him when he was working and watch TV in his truck. I either watched King of Queens or a Master Craft wake boarding video. I have seen it so many times, I can probably recite the whole thing. :)      

For breakfast this morning, I made Potato Hash. I used frozen hashbrowns I found in our freezer, ham, and peppers.

This isn't the prettiest breakfast, but it tasted really good.

Huck had a leftover chicken sandwich with his hash. And yes I tried another Publix meal. You can see why here.
For lunch, I enjoyed a can of Progresso Chicken and Vegetable Soup. This soup wasn't too bad, and only 280 calories for a can. I was to scared to look at the sodium.

Dinner was one of Huck's favorites. It is the most unhealthy meal every. It is chicken, broccoli, mushrooms, cream of soup mix (Like chicken, mushroom, broccoli, ect.), and rice. I enjoy it though. Even with the mushrooms this time.

I have always thought I was allergic to Mushrooms. My parents have been telling me I was, I ate mushroom gravy at my work one day and my throat started itching and turned red, I ate the rice from my mushroom risotto in Italy and spent the next day vomiting on our field trip in Tuscany. I thought these events were unrelated, but scared they could be. Well tonight with dinner, I ate Mushrooms. Nothing has happened yet. I guess if I wake up tomorrow and feel fine, I know I'm not allergic. Huck will be really excited. He loves mushrooms.

The boys watching TV together! 
 Tomorrow, we are riding our bikes to Jupiter Lighthouse. It is going to be sunny and 70 degrees outside. HAHA!!

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