Sunday, January 1, 2012

What did you do the first day of the year?

This morning we got everything ready and took the dogs to the beach.

We stayed about 10 minutes but decided it was to hot for Ginny and brought them home. Me and Huck went back to the beach and played in the water and laid on the beach. I packed us some sandwiches and chips to take with us, but we ate them before we got back to the beach.  

For dinner we are having Black Eyed Peas and Collard Greens. 

I Googled why people eat Black Eyed Peas and Collard Greens for New Years. My mom made them every year and now I cook them every year but I didn't know why. You can read about some of the reasons here. I found it pretty interesting. Each food symbolizes something different for the new year. Collard Greens- Good Fortune 
Black Eyed Peas- Good Luck and Wealth (I ate extra of them)
Corn Bread- Happiness. 
Pork- Wealth and Prosperity.  

I was not happy with the way dinner turned out though. The food was a little bland, so I will not post the recipe. I need to work on it first.

What else can you do? 

Earlier tonight, I was sweeping the front porch and heard a woman screaming the F word very loudly from down the road. I walked back inside and told Huck I felt like we lived in Winder. About an hour later we were walking the dogs and heard our neighbors screaming at each other then a loud bang and the man saying "hit me again". The worst part was a little girl was looking out of the window from one of the bedrooms  like she wanted someone to come help her (I know they have two little girls from seeing them playing outside.) We called the police. The woman told the police they were fighting over their daughter. We were walking back inside our house and seen the police leaving. We couldn't believe they did not arrest the woman or man or both for fighting like that in front of their kids. The cops were sitting in their cars talking in front of our house, and Huck looked at me and asked if we did everything we could. I didn't know what else we could do, but we decided to walk outside and talk to the cops and tell them what we heard. They did not seem to concerned. Since there is was no "signs" of violence, there was nothing they could do. I still do not feel like enough was done. I pray the family will get help. No child should have to experience their parents fighting like that! And from what we heard she hit him! Does anyone know if Child Protective Services will follow up with the family in a case like this? I thought about calling an reporting what happened if not. I have heard screaming from this house in the past as well but didn't think much of it until tonight. It is so sad!  

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