Friday, February 17, 2012

100th Post!

This is my 100th post at My Life in Florida! I have no idea how I have managed to come up with 100 different post, but some how I have. I enjoy your feedback so keep it coming. I am having problems publishing almost all my comment, but I see them. I am currently researching getting my own web address.  I told Huck when I make enough money off my blog each month to cover it I will :)

Tonight, we enjoyed sushi from Whole Foods. I ordered the Spicy Tuna with cucumber and avocado and Huck ordered the shrimp California roll. 

I'd rather be a night owl... they eat small mammals. That seems a lot better than a worm! 

After enjoying our sushi and walking around, in disbelief at the clothes the 12 year old girls were running around in, we made our way over to the movie theater to see Safe House. I am a huge Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds fan. 

Really who isn't? 

The movie had mixed reviews, but I thought it was a good move. Huck wasn't impressed with the ending, but said he liked it overall. 

Well off to bed. We have a busy day tomorrow. I am meeting the people with the Abacoa Community Garden to discuss my articles and we are going to the huge art festival, ArtiGras, in downtown Abacoa, it is isn't to hot. It was 78 when we left the movie at 10:00. Be jealous!!! 

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