Monday, February 13, 2012

Are you going to eat that?

After another bad day at work, I was really excited to get off 30 minutes early. I came home and we walked over to the gym where I did a "Full Body" workout and ran. My legs were really sore today from our bike ride at Riverbend Park on Saturday.

After getting ready, we went to dinner at Cantina Laredo, at the PGA Commons, in Palm Beach Gardens. That is a mouthful. Tina and Tom were in the area, for a claim, so they joined us.

Tina was craving Table Side Guacamole and Cantina Laredo was the first place in the area I found that offered it.

The bar.

The restaurant was nice, elegant, and empty :) Benefit of Florida. Everyone eats early. 
I tried to get a picture of our waiter making the guacamole without being that crazy person taking pictures.  

The guacamole was really good, but the chips were REALLY salty! 

I ordered the Durango. It came with Oaxaca cheese chile relleno, chicken mole enchilada and spinach enchilada with sour cream sauce.

I enjoyed the Spinach Enchilada. The sour cream sauce was really good. The Chicken Mole had a VERY strong chocolate taste. Almost like melted chocolate sauce on my enchilada.

Rick Bayless said "The key to a good Mole Sauce is to have all the ingredients combined into one, where one flavor does not stand out more than another." This sauce failed at that, but I still ate almost all of it :)

The Chile Relleno was batter with 4 pounds of melted cheese. I did not realize it came with my ordered. I thought it was a Tamale. I still ate a bunch or cheese and the batter anyways.

Huck ordered the Batanas. It came with Tacos al pastor, chicken fajita quesadillas, chili con queso, stuffed jalapenos, and beef, shrimp, and vegetable skewers.

The best item of the night was the Stuffed Jalapenos in the chili con queso dip. So good. I wish I would have just ordered them!

Huck also enjoyed the vegetable skewers. He said the tacos were a little to dry and the quesadillas was really salty.

I like ordering dished like these at restaurants because me and Huck can share them and you can try different items to see what you like.

Tom and Tina ordered the Chicken Fajita. I don't know if they enjoyed them, though. They were full from the Guacamole.

I know, full from just the Guacamole? But, Tom and Tina have lost a combine 200+ pounds over the last year. They are doing an amazing job. They eat small portions throughout the day. And no rice or breads. CRAZY!! I could never do it.

Give me Bread or Give me Death!!

Tina asked us on our way home if we would eat there again. A few of the items were good, others were not. I believe I would rather try out another restaurant in town before going back there.

That being said, I ate more than everyone at dinner tonight, for sure. Huck just picked at his plate; because, he had a late lunch, and Tom and Tina didn't touch there entree. When the waiter boxed up the leftovers, I'm sure he laughed when he seen my almost cleaned plate.  

I enjoyed tonight though. It is a nice change from the usually Monday night.

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