Saturday, February 25, 2012

Who brings a dog to a cooking class?

For lunch today, we went to Rumba Island Bar and Grill in Tequesta. I ordered the Seafood Lafitte which said it came with Mahi, Shrimp, Crab meat over a bed of rice, topped with Bienville sauce and Parmesan cheese. I did not taste any crab. There was ONE piece of shrimp and maybe 3 or 4 pieces of very small fish. The rest of the dish was a little rice and way to much cheese. It was gross. I was hungry and ate most of it ONLY because I was so hungry. I was angry with how bad my lunch was. I felt sick after eating.

The salad that came with my meal was good. It was a tropical salad with mango and walnuts. I enjoyed the salad and the corn muffins.

Huck ordered the Filet Mignon K-Bob which was skewered peppers and onions topped with chimichurri sauce. He ordered the red-skinned garlic mashed potatoes and Jamaican greens as the sides.

His lunch was good. He enjoyed it. 

This afternoon me and Huck went to Whole Foods for a cooking "class". When I called about the class they said, it was hands on. The class was a Vegan Southwestern menu. They made veggie burgers, avocado and edamame sauce, and black bean salad with lime and avocado dressing, but we did not get to help make anything. 

I really enjoyed the burger, or I was still hungry from lunch. Huck did not. The salad was very bland. For all the different components in the dish, I expected it to taste better. 

It was something different, but we will no go back again. One of the ladies in the class brought her dog and we thought two other ladies were going to get into a fight when one of the woman shushed the other. It made for nice blog stories if nothing else. 

It really is a different world down here. 

 Me and Huck split a spicy chocolate bar for dessert. It was sweet at first and left a spicy aftertaste. I enjoyed it. 

Well that was our day. Now time for bed! Eating all day is tiring! 


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