Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lighthouse Tour and Oysters

Today, we planned to go to the Jupiter Lighthouse. Before we left, I ate some crunchy peanut butter toast and an apple for breakfast. Crunchy peanut butter is really the best! The best of both worlds. Creamy and Crunchy!

The lighthouse cost $9 each and includes a guided tour and two museums. We arrived right as the next tour group was getting ready to start.

I have to walk up how many stairs? 

Such a pretty day in South Florida
Our tour guide. Can you hear him... We can't either. He was really nice but whispered the whole time.

Long way to the top. 

 The stair case to the top 

 Lovely hair! 

 Embracing the crazy hair with a crazy face.

 Jupiter Island is behind us. That is where all the rich people live! 

Heading back down 105 stairs. 

Unexpected Potential Wedding Venus

Me and Huck have gone back and forth about what we would like to do for our wedding. OK I can't decide what I would like to do. Huck is fine with anything. Whatever it is, I want it to be cheap. Really, the max I want to spend is $2000. Crazy right?!? Impossible? We talked about going on a road trip and getting married along the way somewhere just the two of us or going to Vegas. We also talked about getting married on the beach where Huck proposed and having our reception at the club house in our neighborhood. Beach location... Cheap. Club house... Free! 

While we were walking around the Lighthouse, we seen the area where they hold weddings. It was beautiful. Me and Huck both really like the site. From the trees to the lighthouse itself, I can picture some really great pictures here! 

 I loved this tree. I could imagine a lot of great pictures here.

 Another view of the tree and deck. 

 Where the bride and groom stand. 

Elevated view of the ceremony area. LOVE IT! 

 Who knows what I was doing here, but this could be a great spot for wedding pictures.

 Look at all the potential for great pictures.

 Side note. I love this stove. This would be great in my future farm house!!

 This house was build in 1890. A family of 7 lived here. 4 rooms TOTAL! 
I think I may call them tomorrow for more information about having our ceremony here.

I talked to Jennifer about it today and she made a really good point though... August in Florida. Hot and Frizzy Hair! WHO KNOWS!! We may just make a trip to the court house. :) 

Anyways... After we left the lighthouse, we went to Quarterdeck in Jupiter. 

I split the 1/2 Rack of Ribs, 1/2 BBQ Chicken, and Tatar Totes.

And a Dozen Raw Oysters. I love raw oysters, but these were a little disappointing. This were not shucked properly. They were ripped and they stacked some of the oysters and there was grit on the oysters. Oysters do not bother me, grit does. The Ribs and Chicken were really good though.

Now time for some FOOTBALL! 

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