Sunday, February 5, 2012

Phase 10

Yesterday, our neighborhood had a community yard sale. We rode our bikes around looking for anything to decorate our house with (it is so empty) and extra bikes for when we have visitors. We were really excited when we found one on our way back home. We plan on looking for one more, so we can ride with friends and family that come to visit.


We took Ginny to PetSmart's Grooming Center for the Furminator today. If you have a dog that sheds, you have to try the furminator. We take him about ever 4-6 weeks and LOVE IT!!! For the first few weeks, he doesn't shed at all. We can even hug him without being covered in hair. They use a special brush, called a Furminator, that helps remove the undercoat in shedding dogs. You can buy the brush online, but it is easier for us to take him to the groomer.

More Visitors 

Huck's coworker Tom and his wife Tina, came over from Tampa to spend the night. They arrived around 5, and we loaded up our bikes and rode to the beach.We parked and rode from Carlin Park to Juno Beach Pier, about 2.5 miles.

Tom is smart and wears a helmet! 

Huck took this pic. Can you believe it? 

After making our way back home, we got dressed for dinner at Hokkaido Hibachi. Me and Huck ordered a Shrimp California Roll and The Happy Family with Miso Soup. The Happy Family was really good, but did not have any seafood but shrimp. The Happy Families I have ordered before came with Scallops, Crab, and Mussels.
I was happy it came with so many veggies, though!! 

Tom and Tina do not eat rice, so they ordered a sushi roll with cucumber instead of the rice. It looked so good. I didn't even know you could do it. We will definitely try it this way next time.

Inside was spicy tuna and cream cheese... I think?

After dinner, we come back home and they showed us how to play Phase 10. It was a nice night of actually spending time with another couple. And Huck really enjoyed it because he won :)

Ginny even played a couple of hands with us.
Daddy... Did I win?? 
Poor Oopie started to sound congested last night. I really hope he starts to feel better soon! I don't want anything to happen to my little buddy!

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