Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sold Out?? NO!!!

This morning me and Huck went to Riverbend Park in Jupiter. We packed a lunch and enjoyed our ham and cheese sandwiches by the river. After lunch, we jumped on our bikes and set out in search of alligators.

No Alligators, but I did see a really big turtle.
Suck a good picture. 
I was sure we would see one here, but no luck! 

After going down almost every trail in the park (almost 10 miles), we did not see one alligator! I did almost run over a raccoon. I don't know who was more scared, me or him!

These birds did not like Huck, either! It started off with just one, but he called his buddies.

These trees are amazing.
After our bike ride, we came home and got ready to go to the movies. I have been waiting for weeks to see Safe House. See... I have a very small crush on Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington. Huck thinks I'm in love with them. 

When I told the lady I wanted two tickets for Safe House, she told me it was sold out. WHAT?  Sold Out! I was heart broken. Huck suggested we take a walk on the beach to make me feel better. 

I thought the water was going to be cool. 
It actually is warm. 

February at the beach. 

For dinner we had Chili Cheese Dogs. I used my recipe for Chili to top my hot dogs. I like our chili but I think a fatty/greasy chili would work better for hot dogs.  

Just a little messy!

Oopie guarding his ball. He loves this gross ball and rope. :) 
As I was working on my blog, I seen a headline that Whitney Houston died today. It is such a shame. She was an amazing talent. Her voice gives me goose bumps. 

"I will always love you" is one of my favorite song of all time! Every times I hear the song, I pretend I can sing as well as she can... My steering wheel knows better!! 

RIP Whitney Houston! 

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