Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Party

We are in the Sunshine State!


Last night was Huck's Christmas party.

For lunch, we went to China Wok for lunch. I ordered the szechuan chicken, fried rice, and wonton soup. The lunch specials are $5.55, and the portions are huge. I love leftover Chinese food for breakfast. (I know, weird!)

After lunch, we came home and got ready to go to Port Saint Lucie for the Christmas party.

It is hard to get Huck to dress up, but he looked great!! He bought the sweater vest as a joke, but I think he really liked it!!

Mr. GQ! 

I still think I looked better in my $8 dress! 
We meet at the Holiday Inn in Port St Lucie West. Huck's boss provided dinner from Duffy's Sports Grill and an open bar. He also paid for everyone to have a hotel room at the Holiday Inn. For dinner, I ordered the baked Mahi with rice pilaf and Huck ordered the prime rib with baked potato.

I hate complaining about food when other people are nice enough to pay for it and when asked how was the fish, I smiled and said it was good. Really my fish tasted like fish jerky. Dry was an understatement. The rice was fine, but the dish needed a sauce. For dessert, we had brownies with whipped cream (not fresh cream though).

After dinner, a few drinks, and a little dancing (slow dancing. No white girl booty dancing at the company party), we went across the street to Duffy's to watch the UFC fight. Since I was still hungry, I ordered the fish tacos. Now that I think about it, I shouldn't have ordered fish again. They tasted fine though, and I burned lots of calories lifting my 32oz beer in the 15lb mug.

We decided to come home instead of staying at the hotel, so we could let the dogs out and not have to wake up early to come home. (I only had half my beer and 1 full beer with dinner over the course of 6+ hours)

Arm Curls

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