Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hurricane Alley

(I had computer problems last night and was unable to add this post. Everything seems to be working fine now.)


A childhood favorite. Great way to start the day!! 
This morning was chilly, 66 degrees. I thought about pulling out my jacket. By lunch, it was back in the 80's though. All was right with the world again! 

For lunch, we went to Hurricane Alley in Boynton Beach. Their menu was broken down into "Categories". Category one was soup and salads, two was appetizers, and so on. They also had Flying Objects (sides), The Flood (Beverage), and The Clean Up (Dessert). They also had a menu for dogs. I wished our Yahoos were with us.

Huck ordered the Blackened Mahi Mahi Sandwich, recommend by our waiter, and I ordered the Hurricane Charlie, a fried oyster sandwich. I love raw oysters, but today was my first and last time having fried oyster. I am not sure if they were over cooked or fried oysters just taste like battered rubber bands, but they were horrible!  

Trying to figure out how I am going to fit this in my mouth

For dinner, we fired up the grill and cooked some chicken breast. I marinated them in Fat Free Zesty Italian Dressing with ground red pepper powder, paprika, and salt and pepper. I also cooked the asparagus, green beans, and potatoes we had leftover with minced garlic and onion. It was a nice healthy dinner after a fatty lunch.

Tomorrow, I have two interviews. Hopefully, I will come home with a new job. 

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