Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Is this worth it?

Me and my computer are about to fight. I have spent all of my afternoon trying to upload pictures, play with my camera, and work on my blog. It should have took me 10 minutes to work on my blog, but it is taking me hours. I almost gave up on the whole thing. I need some more followers to make this worth it ;)

While in Georgia, my Papa Mathis gave us a few bags of his Brunswick stew. He makes the best Brunswick stew ever. When he makes this, he used a huge pot and each pot makes about 60 quart size bags. I can not share this recipe for a couple of reasons. One, I have a recipe for a large pot of stew and I'm not sure how to break that down to a normal serving size. It is manly a shopping list. Two, he doesn't really have an exact recipe "Look for the right color" is what he said. Three, this stuff is so good, I want it to stay a family secret because I think me and papa are the only ones who know to make it. I went to his house a few months ago and he showed me how to make it. I really enjoyed him showing me how to make his Brunswick stew. 

After a 10.5 hours car ride, I didn't care what the picture looked like. I was ready to eat. 

He doesn't like having his picture taken

That's my dummy!

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